Discovering Acreages for Sale Near Calgary

As promised here is our blog account of our trip to Calgary where we were on a mission to find some property to build our home on starting in 2021.

Upon arrival we immediately rented a car from Hertz, well not really a car per se but a wicked cool Highlander by Toyota. This thing was a beast. Now it’s important to state the we weren’t really planning on hitting any big time backroads but at the very least we wanted a 4×4 so we got the Mac Daddy one to travel in style.

our cool 2019 Highlander rental

When we rolled up the next day at a Canadian classic Tim Horton’s to meet our Calgary realtor, Dusko, a really friendly man that up until now, had only talked over the phone with, he was quite impressed with the Highlander.

Needless to say we all jumped in together in to the Highlander and headed to view a pre-arranged list of acreages for sale near Calgary.

Rural Rockyview County was our first stop. Here we viewed a gorgeous 2.06 acres perched on the side of a small lake backing onto environmental reserve shoreline on two sides. It was absolutely gorgeous the only negative was it was above our budget. Albeit not by much it was outside our intended budget.

The second property was literally a short jaunt down from the first one on the water front on the Bearspaw Reservoir area of Rural Rockyview County. The one had much similarities to the first which we loved. It was slightly smaller and irregularly shaped but it did fit our original budget so naturally made our shortlist.

But we did have another lined up so we jetted off to view that one.

The property was back near Calgary about 5 mins south called De Winton. It’s sort of near New Brighton. Passing through we saw many homes for sale in New Brighton if the burbs is your thing. Although this one had no waterfront, it made up for it with stellar views of the lights of Calgary at night. Amazing views actually. The land had rolling hills and would be perfect for someone intending on building a ranch with horses etc. Unfortunately for this property we had no intentions of building said ranch so we went back to Dusko’s office to draw up the details on an offer for the second property we saw along the lake.

So as the good Lord would have it, we’re now the proud owners of 2.06 acres of waterfront property in Rural Rockyview County just outside of Calgary. And to be honest we couldn’t be any happier. Our dreams lie before us and in 2021 when we breakground, we’ll be reporting our adventure the entire way on our blog. So stay tuned and have a great holiday season.