Discovering Acreages for Sale Near Calgary

As promised here is our blog account of our trip to Calgary where we were on a mission to find some property to build our home on starting in 2021.

Upon arrival we immediately rented a car from Hertz, well not really a car per se but a wicked cool Highlander by Toyota. This thing was a beast. Now it’s important to state the we weren’t really planning on hitting any big time backroads but at the very least we wanted a 4×4 so we got the Mac Daddy one to travel in style.

our cool 2019 Highlander rental

When we rolled up the next day at a Canadian classic Tim Horton’s to meet our Calgary realtor, Dusko, a really friendly man that up until now, had only talked over the phone with, he was quite impressed with the Highlander.

Needless to say we all jumped in together in to the Highlander and headed to view a pre-arranged list of acreages for sale near Calgary.

Rural Rockyview County was our first stop. Here we viewed a gorgeous 2.06 acres perched on the side of a small lake backing onto environmental reserve shoreline on two sides. It was absolutely gorgeous the only negative was it was above our budget. Albeit not by much it was outside our intended budget.

The second property was literally a short jaunt down from the first one on the water front on the Bearspaw Reservoir area of Rural Rockyview County. The one had much similarities to the first which we loved. It was slightly smaller and irregularly shaped but it did fit our original budget so naturally made our shortlist.

But we did have another lined up so we jetted off to view that one.

The property was back near Calgary about 5 mins south called De Winton. It’s sort of near New Brighton. Passing through we saw many homes for sale in New Brighton if the burbs is your thing. Although this one had no waterfront, it made up for it with stellar views of the lights of Calgary at night. Amazing views actually. The land had rolling hills and would be perfect for someone intending on building a ranch with horses etc. Unfortunately for this property we had no intentions of building said ranch so we went back to Dusko’s office to draw up the details on an offer for the second property we saw along the lake.

So as the good Lord would have it, we’re now the proud owners of 2.06 acres of waterfront property in Rural Rockyview County just outside of Calgary. And to be honest we couldn’t be any happier. Our dreams lie before us and in 2021 when we breakground, we’ll be reporting our adventure the entire way on our blog. So stay tuned and have a great holiday season.

Real Estate Around the World is Being Shaken by International Buyers

The net altered various aspects of real estate and yet probably by far the most impacted was actually the ability for realtors selling international real estate, to contact a broader more diverse segment of real estate investor devoid of much trouble.

As is the case within any business, when opportunity occurs like it has in international real estate, it can not go disregarded.

Luxury homes in Costa Rica

With numbers like 50% improvement in volume annually and boasting a total share of the actual real estate deals of the U.S. at ten percent, the international homebuyer is gradually becoming a thing to consider for any realtor planning to enter this market valued at more than $150 billion in 2017. All stats above procured from NAR (National Association of Realtors) and are considered to be accurate.

The fact real estate agents involved with foreign buyer dealings have been found to profit larger commissions merely contributes to the appeal of this sector of the industry. Not to mention the reality that many international investors are affluent wealthy elites searching for worthwhile investments and high-end luxurious 2nd or holiday properties.

Having said that do not for a minute think that breaking in to this market is simple. It’s not!

Reaching this part of the marketplace however will require overcoming various hurdles including language and currency exchange to name a couple. Often though lots of international investors are not going to invest in to a country without doing their homework and having measures in place to eliminate any “lost in translation” troubles.

Among all countries actively active in the US real estate leads industry, China distinctly dominates and is accountable for over half the total international sales volume in the US alone. All of this despite the many variations in culture, language and trading and investing practices.

So is there a greater way for realtors to position themselves for this huge, lucrative market?

CPROP’s end-to-end electronic exchange administration system is fashioned to promote real estate professionals to international leads and assist them to securely and transparently close deals.

Essentially it utilizes technology to streamline the sales process of companies, from the beginning of a deal to closing. Below are 3 ways real estate professionals can seize this huge opportunity.

Register with a crystal clear international program

Now do not go imagining it is going to be simple to get in to the international real estate segment. Any realtors seeking to become participants in the international real estate forum, need to start their search by finding online venues where interested buyers and vendors may gather. Once determined…be part of the dialogue and gain trust within the community.

If the platform contains a company directory with unfiltered market ratings and ratings and even automated translations, better still.

Think reliability and safety

A long distance buy, predominantly amongst parties in different countries, are generally a recipe for miscommunication plus, in the worst cases, being cheated.

That may be why real estate agents searching to build their international dealflow need a platform to accomplish these transactions with trust and security components inclusive to the platform.

Blockchain has shown to be the quintessential secure way to electronically execute transactions. Blockchain technology enables security at ranges never understood previously. Real estate contracts when written employing this technology, are cast for good in the encrypted shield and blocking any adjustments to the contract from going undiscovered.

Probably among the best components to utilizing blockchain technology is for deposits and funds kept in escrow.

Look for accountable, successful alliance

Concluding sales with domestic investors is tough enough, however when investors are international, real estate agents must take even greater attention to secure a smooth transaction.

Considering all the moving parts to your awaiting clients, leads and deals is imperative to your success. Are you aware of the real time status of anybody in your pipe right this moment? If you’re not you really should.

An electronic digital transaction management software developed for international transactions that walks parties through each step of the closing procedure are usually very powerful here. The benefit to this likely future technology is how it could possibly enhance the work-flow, establish security and ease communications for realtors of international real estate.

Florida’s Homestead Real Estate


There are only seven states in the U.S. which have homestead property as an option for people heading towards the real estate market.

The Floridian government according to its regulations, offers you and your family with a significant amount of protection when it comes to keeping a shelter for yourselves in case of a financial mishap.

Let me explain the basics of the homestead to you first. A homestead property in Florida means that any living human being can own around 160 acres outside the municipality area or 0.5 acres inside the municipality.

The person must be a resident of Florida and/or shouldn’t be taking charge on behalf of an organization.


The Floridian homestead regulation has three basic parts. First off, the most well-known attribute of the homestead property is its taxation.

Every resident has to register his property as a homestead property at the Tax Assessor’s Office in your community. The office gives you a reduced tax rate on your property in return. The other two aspects are not commonly known.


The second very important aspect of the homestead is that your property is protected against all kinds of Liens. This means that nobody can hold your property against an unpaid debt.

The only Liens that can be attached to the property area official deals like an unpaid mortgage on that property, a Federal Tax Evasion lien and any other Lien imposed by the government.

Therefore, if unfortunately, you happen to be bankrupt, you’ll be allowed to keep your home free of any imposed fines.

Moreover, your house can’t be held for any personal loan or debt.


Thirdly, your house is protected in case of any alienation.

For instance, if a person marries a woman and she has a house to her name. If the wife should pass away, her husband gets a share in the homestead property.

Their children cannot inherit the property unless their father has approved it.

Tallahassee, FL Realtor

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There are many circumstances that can happen to you when you are trying to promote the property. The right information is the best device for working with complicated economic circumstances. The following techniques for promoting property can get you began with learning more and generating money more.
• Earlier you place your family in the industry, consider setting up some energy-saving requirements that will requirement to customers.
• When promoting or selling a property, clear as many items out of it as you are able to, even if you still live at home. Your customers will need to imagine themselves in this home. Cleaning up your property is a excellent way to eliminate personal hits, and you will have less things to bring when you are ready to move.
• Reasonable kitchen appraises can show a significant part in the attraction and worth of your home. Think about buying a new equipment to assist as emphasis, modernizing the kitchen. Isle accessories add additional reverse space, whereas clinging packaging the sideboards and provides as design. No wonder they are such popular improvements. Getting new processing cupboard can be very unique, try scenery them to get a more recent look
• Before you list your home, have the air conditioning equipment and heating unit maintained for making sure they are functioning properly. Buyers may be switched off by houses that need an immediate investment in the heating unit or other significant service, so keeping these programs in excellent working purchase will add attraction.
Selling qualities are an interesting area, but it is only successful if you have the best, most precise knowledge about your focus on marketplaces. The potential for making decent funds are out there, and it is obtainable for you, but it is important that you take the tips to heart to be able to begin on the right track.

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