About Us

Pennylanderson Is the realtor of The Pennylanderson.com is one of the biggest and earliest independently owned full service real estate realtor in the Tallahassee Florida area offering a variety of extensive Real estate Services such as financial commitment sales & renting, residence control and development services.
With a many years of experience, Release Qualities is the regional expert on growth tasks in Tallahassee Florida. We provide impressive and exclusively successful opportunities for all stakeholders along the value chain: renters, agents, suppliers, and traders. We’ve built our success on our knowledge of the market, energy, creativeness, determination, and a deep, regional network.
Whatever your project – retail outlet, commercial, medical care, or office, we create value through our ground-up growth. Our initiatives have brought us tasks small and big, and no matter the opportunity, we are proud of working effectively, purposely, and relentlessly to provide results.